Update on Summit Training

In typical Utah fashion we got a few 50 degree day's coupled with a lot of snow at 30 degree days.  I am determined to get outside on any day that the sun is out and it isn't snowing.  But that isn't always the case so my treadmill and the the stairmaster have been my … Continue reading Update on Summit Training

Getting my bow dialed in

With just about five months before the Utah Elk and Deer archery season opens and all the new additions I have added to my bow I have a lot of work to put in before I can ethically say that I am prepared for the hunt.  The last couple of years have been hectic for … Continue reading Getting my bow dialed in

Things I’m loving lately

I love podcasts from all different genre's any where from My Favorite Murder to my current favorite Anchored with April Vokey.  It targets a whole bunch of interesting topics onConservation and in's and out of being in the Hunting and Fishing industry.  One of my biggest goals this years is to get involved more in … Continue reading Things I’m loving lately