I am creating this page to link all my Challenges that I will be embarking on throughout the course of this blog :Biggrin.

  • 10/20/2014 Jillian Micheals Thirty Day Shred Challenge

Today I have decided to start a new challenge.  I am going to do thirty straight days of Jillian Micheals Thirty Day Shred, I have attempted in the past to go thirty days in a row but have always stopped or got distracted or came up with an excuse to not do it.  So starting today 10/20/2014 and ending 11/19/2014, which happens to also be Austins birthday.  I will report my progress and any changes that I see every Sunday(and maybe pictures depending on the day;)).

Here are before and after photos.  The one to the left is in 2012 when I had let myself reach a weight of 190 pounds the day this picture was taken was the day that I decided to start Weight Watchers and change my life around.  The picture to the right was taken just earlier this month and this may be TMI but my current weight is 140.  I had initially lost seventy pounds with Weight Watchers which brought my weight down to 120 but then I got a job that required me to be sitting a lot more than I am used to and I have slowly gained twenty pounds.  So my new goal is to loose at least 10-15 pounds with a balance between strength training and cardio.  That is one of my biggest problems when it comes to my workouts is that they consist of yoga and running with hiking and biking sprinkled in there every now and again.  So to break my cardio rut I am beginning this challenge.  Anyone who wants to join in on the challenge with me is welcome to and feel free to share your progress with me!

This picture is from Mill Creek Canyon, the birchhollow trail head, it is one of my all time favorite trail runs.  You will have the most amazing view of the valley at roughly 4.5 miles west of this trail post.  The Pipe Line trail is a huge trail that runs along the north end of the Wasatch mountains and during the fall it is amazing.  I have however run into two rattlesnakes on the trail, I had to literally jump off the trail to avoid stepping on them, so if you head up that way be sure to keep an eye out.

I thought I would end the post with pictures of these two little stinkers, the one on the left is Inca she is a spit fire but I love her so much, and then the crazy( legit crazy, not an exaggeration) on the right is Honey, in this picture she thought that the nice soft carpet and pillow were not nearly as comfortable as being on top of the cooler and food storage bin while we were camping.  
I hope you all have an amazing day!!
Keep me posted if anyone decides to do the challenge with me!

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