Monday meal prep

So over the weekend I ate out at a restaurant that I will not name just in case it wasn't them who gave me food poisoning.  Even though I am 89% sure that it was.  So all of Sunday and most of Monday I spent close to a bathroom literally feeling like death.  It reminds … Continue reading Monday meal prep

WW update and my weight loss journey

I weighed myself this morning and unfortunately it stay the same which it has done for the past two weeks.  It can be really discouraging to feel like I am working so hard and the scale isn't moving.  I just have to remind myself that this is the first plateau and it wont be the … Continue reading WW update and my weight loss journey

Conservation Monday’s

The Pebble Mine Project: Why it matters to get involved and to educate yourself on current affairs. Image from I have decided to dedicate my Monday posts to Conservation and Environmental topics.  However my goal is to make it so that you have the tools to understand the topics without getting confused with all the … Continue reading Conservation Monday’s